Our Soccer program develops players of all ages, abilities, and skill levels in a fun and challenging environment. Our athletes are trained to have exceptional footwork, ball skills, and correct fundamentals.


The program provides each player with the tools necessary to grow and succeed in the four key components of the game:


  • Technically

  • Tactically

  • Physically

  • Psychologically


We offer group and private lessons to focus on the strengths and weakness of each individual player to enable them to better contribute to his or her town, club, or school team.


Bosse Sports Training focuses on Sport-Specific Movements that apply to all athletes. Our proven training methods ensure that our athletes train in every plane, with full range of motion and a focus on:


  • Strength

  • Power

  • Flexibility

  • Speed

  • Quickness


Each workout includes a dynamic warm-up with specific movements that protect against injury and ensure career longevity.


Bosse Performance features programs for all ages, including our Adult Bootcamp Classes!





Our Lacrosse Specific Training features individual, group, and private lessons headed up by Kaillie Kelly. These programs provide players with a unique training experience, driven to develop complete athletes. Our goal is to identify players’ strengths and weaknesses in three key components that help define an athlete:


  • Fundamental Skills

  • Athleticism/Performance

  • Lacrosse IQ


Private and/or small group lessons provide high-intensity training so our athletes develop and strengthen their skills, and are able to perform at an elite level in pressure situations. Our athletes are more consistent and confident on game day, and are ready to make an immediate impact on the field.


We offer:

  • Private Lessons

  • Small Group Lessons

  • Back on the Field ACL Rehab Programming

  • Specialized Clinics (Goalies, Draw, Shooting, Defense)

  • Beginner Clinics

  • Tournament Tune-Up Clinics for Recruiting